By now, if you believed the Sussexes left the Royal Family to lead a private life you must be a complete and utter numbskull (or of unsound mind) because what they are doing is the complete opposite of what someone would do when they seek privacy. Those who lead a life of privacy don’t approve […]
From: A Boffin


4 thoughts on “Sniggering At The Sussex Scam Sham

  1. Nobody ever believed it was a fairytale. They believed it was a narcissistic, scheming woman who could not fit into the royal family (why marry into it if you did not like their ways?) and then kicked her toys out of the pram when she could not change things her way. So they fled the country and she cut Harry off, with endless lies about wanting privacy and a normal life. Meanwhile they search and search for new ways to boost their likeability factor and make millions for doing little, as they preach how the rest of us should live. This book will be littered with lies. Read up on narcissism. That word is over used but it fits Meg perfectly. She will never apologise for anything and will ALWAYS believe she is in the right no matter what. Not to mention the lying and manipulation. They did not get what she wanted so they left. Leave it at that, quit the drama and attention seeking. Everyone who ever met Meg and didnt stand to benefit from her has said the same about her real personality

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