We have the sharp and acerbic Andrew Neil (former editor of The Sunday Times) to thank for the Sussex word of the day ‘solipsistic’, which encapsulates the very being of the Sussex duo. As suspected by the Shifty Shippy/Scabie acts of tweeting stories at midnight (while probably sitting eagerly waiting for the clock to strike) […]
From: A Boffin


One thought on “The Solipsistic Sussexes Latest Temper Tantrum

  1. The title to this comic book is an insult to those who have truly fought for freedom — many of whom never made it. With all the spare time this weird woman has, she should try reading some history books! Shame on her! Whey are clearly a miserable couple seeking attention to make-up for their obvious unhappiness. How wonderful everything is go so well in the world, except for those (and their families) who have died and others who have lost their jobs, that it is assumed we want to focus on this pathetic pair.

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