12 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Won’t Follow After Leaving The UK

Meghan Markle’s Escape From The Royal Family In The UK Has Allowed Her Some Freedom. But How Much And At What Cost?
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Meghan Markle joining the royal family was huge news, and now that she’s leaving it it’s all anyone can talk about! There are strict rules everyone in the palace is expected to follow, but now that she’s stepping back she’ll be enjoying some freedom! We’ll talk about some of the restrictions she refuses to follow when she leaves the UK. This former Suits actress will now be free to sign autographs once again for her adoring fans. This means she’ll even have the option to hug and kiss them if she chooses. She’ll also be able to engage in PDA again with her husband, Prince Harry, although we can’t guarantee fans won’t be talking about it! She’ll also be able to accept gifts on behalf of her son, Archie Harrison and she won’t be constrained by having to represent Queen Elizabeth at all times. Dinners will be different now that she can eat all of the messy foods she wants and she might even choose to act again if she’s not too tired of the spotlight that is!

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