Advice for Meghan Markle

I see that there is a new biography coming out about Harry and Meghan called Finding Freedom. The book sounds like it will be controversial and discuss how the new ex-royals escaped a great hardship living behind palace walls. I can’t be certain that they participated in the writing of this book, but from resent reports, it sounds like they may have cooperated with the book’s authors. Just looking at the title of the book and hearing reports that they were not happy about their life inside the royal family, I wanted to discuss briefly my thoughts and opinions about this book and what it could mean for people who read the book. In this video I offer some quick words of advice for Meghan, not so much to Harry because I think a lot of the things we are seeing with the couple are driven by Meghan because royal life is new to her and not new to Harry.

**NOTICE** Please forgive me, I am very passionate in this video and I don’t intend to come across mean or hateful in this video, this is just my passion coming through. ** FULL DISCLAIMER Everything in this video and other videos on my channel are for entertainment purposes, these are my opinions and thoughts and are subjective. I must advise you to do your own research. All media I used was found on the public domain and are fair use and fair dealing. My perspective is just that, mine and you might, or you might not relate to what I have to say. I have NOT done this video to be malicious in anyway. I encourage people to be nice and the best version of themselves.

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