MEGHAN MARKLE Tarot Card Reading

My name is Stacy aka Riqochet Rose and I am a Tarot and Oracle card interpreter.

I am an empath and this allows me to tap into the energies of others.

I am just beginning this journey, but I wanted to begin because being a Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon and Scorpio Rising, I love helping people!

I hope you enjoy these readings and the future messages from your Guides 👼

Please keep in mind that these are General Readings and if you would like a Private Reading…

For a Private Reading, email me at:


*Private Readings prices as of 1/1/19 *

*Tarot Quick Answer Love Spread- $10 per question

*Oracle Cards Love & General Advice Spread- $10

*Gypsy Witch or Angel Answer YES/NO Answers-$5 per question

*Gypsy Oracle Reading (more detailed than Tarot)- $10

*Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards & Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards (Extremely detailed information in these decks. Proceed with caution! Includes near future and nearest distant future reading)

This deck details illness and fatal warnings (if applicable). – $20

*12 Month Prediction Spreads (Your predictions for the next 12 months. Includes Oracle advice cards as well)- $40

*BULK READING (Includes: Tarot, Gypsy Witch, Gypsy Oracle, Yes or No spread and Oracle Card Readings… Basically, ALL of my cards)- $50

Please email me with your request before making a payment.

I accept PayPal and Cash App.

Cash App: $RiqochetRoseTarot

Need feedback about my readings beforehand? Check out TayzWay’s Riqochet Rose Tarot Review video here:

If my readings do not resonate with you in this video, head over to my Psychic Advisor, Solomon, at Psychic Love Heals! He is an amazing Psychic and Tarot reader!


My Psychic Love Heals Review

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DISCLAIMER: Tarot and Oracle Card readings are for entertainment purposes only. They can offer you great insight into your situation, but it is solely up to you, the querent, to make decisions that are best suited for your life.

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