One thought on “‘Suits’ star Meghan Markle talks International Day of the Girl

  1. It won’t. Markle just wants her version of the story to be released. Problem is that Markle has DOZENS of other people debunking her version. It’s one thing for one person to claim that a person is mean and rude, but when multiple people are saying the exact same thing about that one person, it has to be true. Everyone knows her true colors at this point, no book with her polished version of the story will change that. Nothing in this book could justify her behavior. You don’t mistreat and disregard people who were kind to you. You don’t insult a country that welcomed you with open arms. You don’t marry into a family and purposely divide it. You don’t attempt to sell out a historical Monarchy simply because you have no talent to make it in Hollywood. All Markle is doing is adding fuel to the fire.

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