There is little doubt after reading the article on the Duchess of Cambridge, penned by one Anna Pasternak in the latest edition of Tatler, that it was snide, and distasteful. That is the opinion of those who are of sound mind, rational, and who aren’t brainwashed. On the other hand there is a coterie of […]





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One thought on “The Cambridges Vs Deceitful Tatler (In Denial)

  1. I thought this was about the Cambridges and the disastrous Tatler article . No sure why the Sussexes keep being dragged into the narrative. They’re in far away LA where they’re not likely to have any visibilty off or care about British Tabloids or magazines….and that tenuous decade plus old Mulroney passing connection just isnt credible. Accept it : This was an own goal – an article designed to throw the Sussexes under the bus that backfired hilariously…….

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