The Archewell Brand And Trademark Issues

MM seems to have an insane obsession about copyrighting and trademarking everything, but the reality is a trademark is only worthy when it’s actually well, trading. The idea of a trademark is to protect a brand so that people won’t get confused with similar sounding brands when they buy a product or use a service, […]





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2 thoughts on “The Archewell Brand And Trademark Issues

  1. ” You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do “. – Henry Ford . In this case, it seems that you can`t trademark intentions and fantasies, either .

  2. I wonder who was supposed to have signed the application. Their new surname is still in question as is whatever’s going on with ‘Just Harry’s’ and his title. I can’t help but wonder if they are avoiding answering those lingering questions. There are also questions about Meghan’s name, too. In November 2018 — AFTER she married Harry — she filed a ‘Certificate of Cancellation’ dissolving the business entity, ‘MM Global LLC,’ and signed it as ‘Rachel M. Markle.’ Something hinky going on with the names and titles of these two. They’re absolute weirdos.

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