We expected something on Diana’s birthday (1 July) from the Sussex camp, and after a quiet morning, we were bombarded after teatime (morning in LA) with Harkle stories First came the latest ‘Hostage Harry’ video for the Diana Award virtual award ceremony (nicknamed because Harry is always filmed against an innocuous wall), this was followed […]





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One thought on “Harry Hijacks The Diana Award With The Harkle Agenda

  1. Meg Will push PH so far emotionly that will cause him big big
    Hole desaster. RF needs To remove him before To late.
    Meg want crash him and put the faut on the média like Di….
    She Will have thé pity of the world,the big mony, the baby To
    Use for the RF .houses.security etc…..for the rest of his lit.
    This is Her big Plan.

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