On July 1, 2020, the Sussex duo took part in yet another video chat, this time with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, where the duo puzzlingly still hold honorary positions, despite BP announcing the Sussexes would no longer represent The Queen. I would say them representing an official body that is named after The Queen, and […]





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One thought on “The QCT Video Chat ~ aka The Sussex Audition Tape

  1. I just really want them both to go away I’m sick and tired of seeing multiple daily articles posted by her PR. I’m American and always had such respect for the BRF but now it looks like a 2 ring circus starring Preach and Leach , it really is starting to look like the Queen hired Ms. Markle to take heat away from Andrew help with Harry’s depression and to look more “woke” to the commonwealth otherwise why haven’t they faced any consequences for their actions?

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