Many who have remained silent on the Sussex duo have finally felt compelled to speak up after the performance on the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (1 July, 2020) video. The majority of people found what the duo said insulting (Harry apologizing for the world and all the generations), and they succeeded in creating tensions which I believe […]





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3 thoughts on “A Letter From America While The BLM Movement Controversy Continues

  1. These two are an embarrassment, and, I’m an American, I cringe when I see them address all of us like their pupils and peasants, waiting for their crumbs. They are emotionally 15 to 17 years old, which is probably generous and they’re both completely clueless if they think we believe one word they say, given their actions. WHO would EVER treat their grandmother, father, brother and their families with such distain on a public platform given them by same? Really shameful, but not surprising from the gruesome twosome. He is the most hated royal since his great uncle David abdicated the thrown, even more so than “prince” Andrew.

  2. Embarrassing for Britain and the USA , let’s not forget Canada also got sucked in . This can’t be allowed to continue , sometimes you have to remind yourself about the long list of Meghan’s ( I believe deliberately ignorant behaviour ) and this is the best site to jog your memory .

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