Yes, I know you are all tired of the Sussexes and they seemed intent on subjecting the world to their spiel on a daily basis, perhaps it’s in a bid to try and stay in the spotlight? They want the light to shine on them, but hold on…didn’t they say they wanted to leave the […]





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2 thoughts on “A Sussex Staged Charity Photo Op And MM Lectures On Voting

  1. I think they hire their own photographer to allow them to own their photos.When media outlets publish the pictures, they must pay Sideshow Harry and his Carnival Barker, Meg, the copyright fee. She will do and sell anything to make a buck. These two are disgusting.

  2. Did she request that the charity pays for a private jet as she was too self-important to drive there? Did they take their photographer for photos? Did they leave after ten minutes? Merely a publicity stunt? Shameful.

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