When you think the Sussexes can’t sink any lower, they astonish us all, and either they are incredibly desperate, or just plain stupid. Whichever you decide, one thing is for sure and that is they lack morals and decency. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) sadly died on 18 September, 2020 and everyone expected MM to jump […]






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25 thoughts on “The Sussexes Hijack (RBG and the Gurkhas) And Hitch A Ride On More Bandwagons

  1. The duo is walking into territories that are for grown ups. Every fashion magazine had comments about Ginsburg, so Markles comments were unavoidable, but Harrys words to real men, that does actual things, in the real world, is beyond pathetic. I doubt very much, that there is one single man, in the whole wide world, that feels anything but contempt, when being addressed by a pw`ed, deserted soldier, that was stationed behind two Royal Protection Officers and now hides in California, with his neglected child and unkept wife.

  2. Amid a period when traditional norms and institutions are both crumbling and being anarchically attacked, these two “unwell” and mediocre ne’er do wells grab a singularly shabby stage whenever and over whatever they can. Their blatantly narcissistic behaviour was, for a short time, cringeworthy – now, it is nauseating. Moreover, there appears to be no way and no one to take them to task on sound legal grounds. What is now a sloppy drone of platitudes and not-so-subtle put downs continue concurrent with the cries of those who are losing jobs, their mental health, a sense of security and loved ones. Now, it – they and their “process” – are disgusting. Her Majesty and her advisors must see it, and even feel it. H and M are a western phenomenon, an insult to us all. I and many cannot help but feel that BH is allowing or enabling. They won’t make it stop.

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